Zurich Project
©2003 Akio HIZUME
PATENT NUMBER 3493499 (March 31, 1993)
18th July

Dr. Brauen called a crane for me.
I could use it for half a day.
On the previous day, I considered about the best way and procedure for suspending the Starcage from the crane.

We bound all of ropes scrupulously on each process.

Rope work and hunging

I checked the North direction using compass in order to make the Starcage face toward North.
Therefore the Starcage will be used as a sundial.

View from the top of crane.
The crane was very powerful. The Starcage became perfect proportion.
This day's work was successful.


The first person has gone into the dome at last.

Everything has finished.
However we experienced so many probrems, we have won my target.
I learned manythings in this challenge. Thank you!

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